Richard L. Migala Offers Legal Services for Accidents, Settlements, and Crimes

Richard L. Migala is a licensed attorney serving clients in the Kalamazoo, MI. area for over 20 years. A former police officer and investigator, he brings all of his knowledge and expertise to the courtroom. As an experienced accident attorney, he works hard to insure that his clients receive the compensation due from insurance agencies and negligible parties. He knows what it's like to feel overwhelmed with the legal process, which is why he encourages anyone needing an auto accident attorney or criminal attorney to set up an appointment with his office for a free consultation.

Assistance with Accident Settlements

When you're in a vehicle accident, you need a good car accident attorney to represent you before the court. After an accident, you will be bombarded with calls from the other party's insurance agent trying to convince you to settle. However, the insurance agency wants to pay as little as possible, so you may not get the compensation you deserve. Richard L. Migala is an experienced motorcycle accident attorney and truck accident lawyer, helping clients who have undergone personal injuries from accidents where they weren’t negligible.

Hiring a personal injury lawyer removes the stress of having to deal with the insurance agency, and your lawyer will review your case and determine if you should settle for the amount offered or fight it out in court. When you have an injury lawyer like Richard L. Migala working for you, you'll get the compensation you deserve after an accident. He has years recreating accident scenes, and his eye for detail helps him negotiate settlements and prove his clients' cases before a judge.

Personal Injury Cases and Misdemeanors

Richard L. Migala, Attorney At Law also helps clients who suffer from slip and falls, dog bite accidents, or wrongful deaths. As an experienced wrongful death attorney, Richard L. Migala will fight for the families of a deceased loved one, helping families receive the compensation they deserve after an accidental death. He also helps clients who have drug possession charges, traffic citations, or misdemeanor charges. If you need a personal injury attorney or criminal defense in the Grand Rapids, MI. area, call our office to see how we can help you with your case.

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